Forna, a village hidden between two regions. La Safor and La Marina Alta. It is located in the foothill of Almirall Mountain . The valley is open at the Mediterranean Sea by the East, through Oliva.

It is a village with only 88 residents. Moreover, Forna and l'Atzúbia have the same Townhall. Its location is really unbeatable in the Middle Age. This place is an extraordinary and strategic setting, with a small fertile valley open to the Mediterranean in the east.

The Forna's Palace-Castle is located at the top of the village. This is the particular village skyline. This castle is a fortified palace from XV century and It offers to the visitor the possibility to know the originals heights of its walls and towers.

However, the best secret is in its interior. There are a lot of medieval drawings. The walls of the Forna's Palace-Castle are filled with decorative motifs, architectural and constructive. As well as quotidians graffitis from the inhabitants of this palace, the people who lived here and today we have forgotten.

Finally, with our guided tours we invite you ti discover these amazing graffitis. A bet different in which you will be able to touch and feel the history of this tiny and delicious heritage.

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